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Mitsuo Okada

  1. Elsevier Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Title:Privacy-Secure Image Sharing System for a Purchaser and Recorded Subjects Using Semi-Blind Fingerprinting
  2. CCNC2010 Las Vegas, NV
  3. F2GC2009 Jeju
  4. SPC2009 Kiryu
  5. IWDW2009 London
    Title:Semi-blind Fingerprinting Utilizing Ordinary Existing Watermarking Techniques
  6. SAINT2009 Seattle, WA
  7. SWeb (ICPR) TAMPA, FL
  8. CSS Okinawa
  9. IEICEジャーナル
    Mitsuo Okada, Hiroaki Kikuchi, and Yasuo Okabe, Multi-bit Embedding for Asymmetric Digital Watermarking without Exposing Secret, IEICE Transactions on Information and Communication System Security, Vol.E91-D, No.5, pp.-, May. 2008.

  10. WISA2005
  11. 30th CSEC
  12. DICOMO2005
    • 岡田満雄, 菊池浩明, Secure Detection of Asymmetric Digital Watermark, 8A5, 2005年7月
      Secure Detection of Watermarks(もと論文)
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