1. Additional Info on Social Events, Wednesday July 24
  2. *Nijo Castle Tour (as a part of the Banquet)
  3. -Nojo Castle (Nijo-Jo) is a UNESCO World Heritage.
  4. --http://www.city.kyoto.jp/bunshi/nijojo/english/index.html
  5. -Buses to Nijo Castle will leave at 15:15. Come and ride at the parking area of Kyoto TERSA.
  6. -After the tour, please walk to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel and wait there until the Banquet starts at 18:00. While waiting, beverages will be served.
  7. *Technical Visit
  8. -Technical Visit to KCG Computer Museum, at Kyoto Computer Gakuin will be held on the afternoon of 24th.
  9. -KCG Computer Museum is one of the satellite museum of the historical computers certified by IPSJ.
  10. http://museum.ipsj.or.jp/en/satellite/kyoto_kcg.html
  11. -Students are strongly encouraged to join but senior researchers are welcome as well.
  12. -Please join at registration desk at 15:00. We will walk to KCG, which is located in about ten-minute walk from Kyoto TERSA.