*[[Access from Airports to New Miyako Hotel>COMPSAC/Access]]
 *[[Lunch Info>COMPSAC/Lunch]]
 *Wi-Fi access
 -Wi-Fi access for participants is served at most of the conference rooms in Kyoto TERSA. Access info and passphrase is shown in each room.
 -The number of clients at per each access point is limited.
 -The bandwidth might be not enough for video streaming. 
 *COMPSAC 2013 App
 -The COMPSAC 2013 App is available in the
 Google Play Store for Android devices.
 -If you have Android smartphoes or tablets, please try and enjoy it.
+*Welcome Reception on 23th Tuesday
+-Kyokomachi Odorikotai
 *[[Social events on 24th Wednesday>COMPSAC/Social]]
 //*[[Instructions for obtaining required visa document>COMPSAC/VISA]]
 *Collocated events held in conjuntion with COMPSAC2013
 Free Admission. Participants of COMPSAC2013 are welcome to join.
 -[[Cirrus Workshop 2014 in Kyoto>http://www.cirrus-project.eu/content/next-cirrus-workshop-kyoto-japan-july-24th]] (July 24)
 -[[Research Symposium on Future Internet Architecture and Technologies (In remembrance of Dr. Masaki Hirabaru)>http://www.itrc.net/rsfiat/eng/]] (July 26)