In this group, we research technologies to create stable, inexpensive, safe, and secure ubiquitous networking environments in which all objects contain networking functions and Internet connectivity is available everywhere.~

*Research Topics
+ Application ofIPv6 for higher-reliability, higher-performance Internet:~
IPv6 is one of the basic technologies in the next-generation Internet and represents an expansion (2^128) in the address space to distinguish among network terminals. We use this address space and multihoming to develop more reliable technologies. mobile technologies, and automatic terminal and router setup technologies.~
  • (Application) Internet appliances, Internetmobile telephones, Internet broadcasting
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  1. (Application) Internet appliances, Internet mobile telephones, Internet broadcasting
    1. Real-time transmission of multimedia stream data:
  2. The Internet is a "best-effort" service. Real-time transmission of high-quality video, and other multimedia data requires guaranteed quality of service at the IP level based on resource-reservation protocols, error correction codes, and path diversity. We develop multimedia stream distribution systems to support this.
  3. (Application)High-resolution IP transmission systems, IP wireless cameras and microphones
    1. Design and analysis of algorithms addressing Internet issues:
  4. We develop high-performance algorithms required to build and operate the Internet. The Group is noted for its results in the design and analysis of online algorithms (algorithms that make decision before the whole input is given) for router buffer management.
  5. (Application)Routing algorithms, router buffer management
    1. Privacy protection and intrusion prevention in INternet communications:
  6. We develop, apply, and deploy secure protocols using encoding electronic certificates, and other technologies to guarantee the mutual exchange of the minimum required information when communicating with unknown counterparties on the Internet so as to prevent the counterparty from using information in an illicit manner.
  7. (Application)Location privacy, electronic watermarks, network gaming, coordinated web authentication
    1. Informationization of e-power flows:
  8. We work for applying information communication technology to on-demand power networks. we develop technology for applying Internet protocols, such as routing and resource reservation, to power networks. We also develop electrical power switching technology and implement it.
  9. (Application)Automatic energy saving
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