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-[[Okabe Laboratory]]
+No information is posted here.
* Smoking
- Smoking is prohibited not only indoors but also outdoors except at designated spots  in the campus. A smoking spot is at the south side of South Building of Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies.  

* Souvenir
- [[Kyoto University Gift Shop:http://www.s-coop.net/service/goods/original/]] at the 1F of the Clock Tower.

* Wi-Fi
** eduroam
[[eduroam:http://www.eduroam.org/]] is available at many buildings in Kyoto University. It requires 802.1x authentication. You can use your eduroam account, and we will give a guest account that is available only in Kyoto University at the registration desk to participants who do not have an eduroam account. Its SSID is "eduroam."
** MIAKO net
MIAKO net is also provided at the venue. MIAKO net passes through only VPN (PPTP, OpenVPN, SSH, IPsec, etc). You can use MIAKO net to connect your PC to your VPN server. Its SSID is "MIAKO."